Used Bakki Showers for Sale, and other stuff...
Tuesday, 08 February 2011 16:14

One of the very first people to run Bakki Showers in the UK has moved to Morocco, so is selling all three of his Bakki Showers. They are the 2nd generation systems, and complete with more Bacteria House than needed. If of interest, call Craig directly on 07901 350086. The price on these systems, is £500 each complete with genuine BHM media, so an absolute bargain. He has never had any viral or bacterial problems, so you can buy these with confidence of their safety. Craig's systems can be seen on our Bakki Shower Appraisals pages HERE. Sorry, all three systems now SOLD.

Also, following our conversion to drum filtration last year at Yume Koi, we have two double width Estroseives for sale in excellent condition. Please call us if of interest.