Momotaro Auction
Sunday, 03 October 2010 22:13

It's a tad last minute, I know...

A lot has been happening here at Yume Koi this Summer, and in the coming days, our newsletters will be like buses! (there is never one when you need it, and then 10 come along all at once!) ;-)

Anyway, this one is a tad last-minute but relates to Momotaro Koi Farm's auction on October 5th (Tuesday). If you have any interest, please drop us a line to talk about the Koi you like, so that we can talk about it prior to trying to obtain the Koi for you. We have been buying from Momotaro for some 10 years now, and our understanding of their bloodlines, is second to none! The Koi that are being auctioned this time, are ones that I watched Maeda-san selecting in April when he was deciding which ones to grow through the Summer for this auction. Please peruse the Koi at

Best regards,