Koi Trail - Learning To The Extreme

Koi Dou Wo Kiwa Meru.

'Koi Dou' was the brainchild of one of our 'high-end' client's. His feeling was, that there is a huge lack of understanding of 'High-end' Koi in the UK, and also in keeping them. on a recent trip to Japan, another of our 'High-end' clients came up with the idea of 'Koi Trail'. The concept with this, is to educate by exchange of information, rather than by force feed teaching. The idea is, that by attending one of our 'Koi Trail' days, you have the chance to learn the finer points of High-class Koi, and how to keep them well to 'the extreme'. Our classes are limited to 6 people per day, so that a more 'one on one' feel is obtained.

Koi Dou Wo Kiwa Meru was the brainchild of two of our clients, one figured that not enough people truly understood high-end Tategoi, and that I should organise the learning days. The other gentleman then came up with the idea of the title, albeit the English version, ‘Koi Trail – Learning To The Extreme’.

Whilst people can differentiate between good Koi and bad Koi, there are very few who can understand the finer qualities of High-end Koi, and how those qualities affect it’s growth and development. The raising of High-end Tategoi is really an art, and is all about understanding bloodlines, body traits, and qualities of the Koi. This understanding is needed in order to determine firstly whether a Koi is capable of growing Jumbo, at what point in life the Koi will reach it’s peak condition, how high that peak will be, and how long it is likely to be able to stay at its peak condition.

In addition to understanding the Koi themselves, it is imperative to understand the many complexities of raising them. In order to get the best out of Koi, you need to understand the seasons, feeding, temperatures, light, water quality, and more. The aim of ‘Koi Dou Wo Kiwa Meru’ is to help hobbyists understand how to get the most out of their hobby. Lets face it, Koi is almost certainly one of the most complex hobbies there is!

On pre-advised dates, we will be holding these classes. The maximum number of people that we can suitably work with, is 6 people in any one class, and the £30 fee will include lunch. The idea of charging people for this was also the first client's idea with the reasoning for charging being, so that people can feel comfortable with arriving at Yume Koi, staying the day, and then leaving at the end of the day without feeling that they are obliged to purchase anything.

Whatever you wish to learn about Koi, please make the time to attend just one of these days. If your interest is based around the finer points of Nishikigoi, then we have the best selection of high-class Koi here to give you the hands-on experience that you may crave. From Tosai, to Jumbo, we have the right Koi to be able to explain the finer points of what makes a special Koi for the future. In reality, the Koi are our teachers, but our understanding can only extend as far as the best examples that we have seen so far. We hope to push that benchmark further.

If you crave information about the raising of Nishikigoi, then again, we can help with all aspects, and getting off on the right foot can save you from many years worth of mistakes.

Our Koi Dou Wo Kiwa Meru days are not about preaching, but about interaction and debate. Hence, this is why we regard it as a ‘Koi trail, to the edge!’ In others words, learning to the extreme edge, of what can be understood.