3rd November... online again! :-)
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 22:30

Well, I am back up and running with the computer, to a fashion anyway ;-) So, what have I been doing?

On the 31st of October, and 1st of November, I was at Momotaro. This was for the purpose of photographing a few Tosai, and also to check on the Sanke you can see here. We bought her when Nisai, and sold her as Sansai. She is now Yonsai (4yrs) and 77cm. We have big dreams for this Koi for the future, especially as she is the only one we left there. Her body type is perfection for growing Jumbo and carrying a good strong body. Her colour is also ideal to last well over the next few years, so who knows?... Normally, I ship all of the top level Koi back to the UK, but in instance I left her out so that she could effectively be sent anywhere if sold.

On the afternoon, I left for Matsue, and have been there since. There have been a few things happening here, but I initially set up the dates for this trip to suit certain parties of clients, and one had to drop out, hence a few 'free' days.

Two days ago, I obtained two very high level Nisai. One of them has generated more interest than any other Koi I have bought before. The Matsue brothers call her 'Picasso'. She won't grow Jumbo so easily, but 80cm is no problem, with her bing the kind of Koi that will do well at Koi Shows whilst growing over the coming years. The other Kohaku is perfect for growing Jumbo. These can both be seen on the 'fish' pages.

Yesterday morning, my laptop broke, so I spent most of yesterday getting it sorted, and getting things back on track.

For the next few days, I now have plans, and today is a particularly exciting day for me! You'll have to wait until later though... ;-)

Thank you,