29th, Takigawa Yonsai Harvest
Saturday, 29 October 2011 11:53

After a lazy start at Okayama, I drove a nice steady drive down to Takigawa, as three very special Yonsai that I had sold a year or two ago were being harvested. I am very pleased with the results too! One Showa we sold as Nisai of 52cm, was 60cm as Sansai, and now 67cm with stunning quality.

The two Sankes I sold have grown from 63 and 66cm, to 70 and 73cm respectively. These three Koi are of the absolute highest quality. Tomorrow, we head back to Okayama, from where Darren will return to the UK the following morning. I am hoping to get some photos of a handful of Tosai Sanke that I bought in the Momotaro Auction yesterday.