10th, Okawa
Thursday, 10 November 2011 10:39

A great time was had yesterday at Omosako, but sadly I don't have Internet this evening to upload pics. BUT, I have managed to fix my iPhone blog software, and do have a pic from today on the phone I can upload :-)

We went out with the Okawa brothers for dinner last night, and then visited the farm this morning. The owners of the koi pictured below are with me, and are ecstatic with their Okawa Kohaku! I bought this kohaku when she was Nisai of 52cm, and sold her to her owners a week or so later. She then measured 65cm as sansai, and now measures 75cm as Yonsai (4yrs next June). This koi is simply wonderful with an absolutely perfect body line, extremely high quality, and sublime pattern! Koi of this level are very few and far between, and I think is a testament to the kind of koi we so frequently obtain as stock at Yume Koi. She is definitely a 'Yume Koi' ;-)