26th, Matsue Sansai Harvested
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 10:37

Well, today was everything I could have hoped it to be! Aside from the constant rain at the Matsue Sansai harvest, the rest of it was fantastic!

I had three Koi in there, once of which I sourced as Tosai, and the others as Nisai. These came out (in order of appearance at the end of the gallery) at 68, 69, and 71cm respectively, with the 71cm one being the biggest of the harvest, and in my eyes, the best. The other two, were also in the top handful of Koi from the harvest. I am incredibly happy with this!

The Tsukitsuke Nidan Kohaku at the end of the gallery also features in a few 'handling skills' shots in the mudpond ;-)

I also managed to source some good Nisai today, though cheaper than those that we normally buy. These are still very good Koi, though of course, not quite of the same level as the best. I will try to get pics up later...

Many thanks,