18th November, Momotaro
Thursday, 18 November 2010 08:12

Today is my last day in Japan, having spent just over a month here, and driving just under 8000kms around Japan. I fly home tomorrow.

I have spent today catching up with emails, and photographing Koi that we have left in Japan this Summer.

As for the Kohakus pictured below... we bought all three as Tosai, and they are now Sansai of 75cm, 70cm, and 75cm respectively. The bloodline of these Kohaku can be a little tricky to read as Tosai, as the subtle differences between different qualities and body structures make an immense difference when the Koi grow up. These three have so far done superbly, and I am very proud of the success rate here.

The Sanke pictured, has a bit of story behind it, as Momotaro raised her from Tosai as a male, and tried using her for breeding when Nisai. Then, as Sansai, they found she was actually female. She had been raised up to Sansai in the male parent fish house, in a pond of 20 tons. She now measures 70cm as Yonsai.