15th October, first day in Japan
Tuesday, 19 October 2010 00:05

Well, it is now actually the 19th of October at the time of doing my first blog entry, as this is the first day I have had an internet connection!

Anyway, I picked up my car on Friday 15th, and headed up to Takigawa Koi Farm. Not many Koi were harvested, but I did find three very nice Tanchos. They are about 50 ~ 52cm in size, and very good quality.

On the following morning, 400 Nisai were to be harvested, but alas I wouldn't see it, as I was off to Matsue the following morning. This mud pond hadn't been used for a few years because of high nitrate levels caused by the crop growing greenhouses that you can see in the background. But, according to Takigawa-san, the company that owned the greenhouses have cleaned up their act, so hence, he used the pond again this year.

On the evening, I went our for dinner with Takigawa-san, and then back to the hotel for a good nights sleep...

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