16th Okawa
Saturday, 16 April 2011 04:45
Well, we have just left Okawa Koi Farm... Yuji-san and Yoneichi-san really came up trumps today... We harvested their best Tosai growing on pond, and I had a free reign to choose what I wanted 'senbetsu' style. I bought the best kohakus they had, and their best Sanke... Pics later!!!... ;-)

Now, we are heading to Ueno Koi Farm ...

update... There's good news and more good news...

firstly, Mark is driving now, so I can rest a bit.

Next, I harvested out a senbetsu on Ueno's Tosai Tategoi, and now have 7 female Jumbo Tosai to add to the website this evening! It's been a very fruitful day!!! :-)