Saturday 3rd, Wakagoi Show
Sunday, 04 April 2010 09:55

Well, today was an exciting one, and also hard work! My task, was one of a team of 5 judges responsible for picking all of the winners in the 23bu and 33bu class (up to 23cm, and up to 33cm). We also had to judge the Champions. The judging of the 23 and 33 classes was pretty tough going, as it was all carried out at great speed. We all had to look at the entrants in each variety, and pick out a certain number (up to 20, dependent on number of entrants) that we considered to be the best. We then had to narrow the choices down, and vote on the winners, and runners up. Yamamatsu (Sakai-san) was the head judge, with Kondo and two other breeders also taking part. It proved to be very interesting. I also had to choose the most unique Koi in 23 and 33bu by myself. You can imagine how much of an anti-climax this was for me, as I am someone who only likes Go-Sanke, Shiro Utsuri, and Kujaku!!! Anyway, in 23Bu, I chose a very unusual Beni Kumonryu, and in 33Bu, I chose a really odd looking creature that remsembled one of somewhat unpopular Cha-Utsuris, but with some yellow colour patterning on, like an Ochiba. Perhaps it was a Ochiba Cha-Utsuri, I don't know, but it looked unique, no doubt about that!!! Other judges chose unique Koi in other sizes, but for some odd reason I think misunderstood the judging criteria of 'most unique Koi', as they picked things like Sanke, and Goshiki. I could understand it if the Koi were unusual examples ;-)

Last night, we attended the dinner party, and then went off to an 'after party' party with Takahiro Omosako, Iitsuka-san (Matsue), Tanaka-san (Okawa), and Nagoshi-san... it was a great night!