Saturday 27th, Matsue Koi Farm
Sunday, 28 March 2010 10:01

Well, Saturday was an interesting one! I didn't get lucky with Tosai, but then didn't expect to on this trip, as Iitsuka-san had already told me to come later for the really special ones. But, nonetheless, it was still very interesting. I bought one Nisai Kohaku of 56cm, which I think was the best one of remaining in the highest priced pond. Of great interest to me though, was a Nisai that I bought in January, and sold to a client in China. I have posted a January photo of this Koi, and one taken now... the difference is incredible! Her skin condition in January was bad, but I was confident she would clean up, though not quite this quickly! Iitsuka-san said that if she knew she would be looking this good, he would have asked to take her to the Wakagoi Show next weekend! Hey ho... I

I also tried to get better photos of the Koi that I bought at the All Japan Show 'Yume-Ten' (Dream Koi) exhibition. I am surprised that I haven't yet sold this wonderful 62cm Nisai Kohaku!

Darren had a good day... he managed to find some Tosai that put a smile on his face. :-)