March 2010
22nd, 23rd, I'm coming home soon!
Friday, 23 April 2010 11:06

Well, spent the 22nd at Momotaro, and today at Omosako. I am off to see Yamatoya tomorrow about Tosai, and have a new flight booked for 26th!... coming home at last! Will add more info and pics on the 25th, as I am not sure if I will have internet tomorrow night.

Three more high quality Omosako Tosai bought today... and they are the very last we will buy this Spring season.

Also, I now have a Japanese phone number, so if you wish to call me, please call +81 804 266 6949. I won't be answering the UK mobile in Japan any more, as it has cost an absolute fortune this trip ;-)

Bye for now...


Wednesday 21st, still in Japan... Momotaro
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 09:38

Well, I woke up this morning to find out that my flight home from Paris was cancelled, and that this would leave me stranded in Paris with thousands of other people, waiting to come home!So, I decided that if I stayed in Japan, at least I would be comfortable, and could get some work done.

Yesterday, part of my intended itinerary was to visit Momotaro, but I was running late. So, I went down to the Farm today, as Daisuke said that was intended to happen here yesterday, also wasn't happening until today.

To cut a long story short... Mr Kaneko of Nagano prefecture was here today, to pick from the absolute cream of the Tosai that were bred from his parent Koi. These were some seriously good Koi!

Breeding has already started here, about a week ago. They are intending to get at least 5 million black fry selected from Showa breedings, and the first selection of these black fry started today.

The Takeda Tosai mentioned earlier, can be found in the following video links...

Takeda Sanke 39cm

Takeda Showas

Sunday 18th, Takeda, and beyond...
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 15:44

Well, Sunday was an interesting one...

Went to Takeda Koi Farm... Went through all of Takeda's Tategoi ponds, and bought what I considered to be the cream of the crop, as usual. Pics came out lousy, as my flash gun has been playing up, so the photo here was taken with my compact camera. Anyway, the Koi are fantastic, and up to 39cm. 6 Showa, and 1 Sanke, from a 1 metre Momotaro parent.

On Monday, I went to Takigawa Koi Farm. I went through the two best Tategoi ponds, but drew a complete blank :-( There was nothing that I considered to be of the level I was looking for. A real shame, as he is a fantastic breeder.

Today, have been to Matsue Koi Far... got 8 really high end Kohaku female Jumbo Tosai... really high end! Again, my flash was broken, so pics are no good. The Beni is much softer and more beautiful than the pics! I have excellent video of these, that are far more representative of the Koi... will upload later.

To my surprise, it looks like I may be flying home in the morning. As such, I am in a panic getting ready! Vids and more updates to follow...

Saturday 17th, Omosako
Saturday, 17 April 2010 09:51

Well, drove from Okawa, up to Omosako today.

First though, I would like to thank Leo for forgetting his sunglasses! ;-) I promise I will return them one day!...

Anyway, got three more female Tosai at Omosako. Was hoping for more, but that's it for now.

Work has started here on Omosako's new fish house, and looks as though it will be built very quicky. Sorry I haven't taken other pics, but am all alone now, so nobody to swap cameras with.

This eve, am out with Takahiro-san, and Yuuki-san in Hiroshoma... as if I really need another night of drinking! ;-)

Friday 16th, Okawa Koi Farm
Saturday, 17 April 2010 01:15

Well, Friday was a great day! Managed to get 8 very good female Jumbo Tosai of up to 44cm. This Koi will grow up very well, and are of lovely quality. Went out for dinner with Yoneichi-san in the evening, and stayed at his house last night. Off to Omosako today...

Thursday 15th, Yamatoya
Saturday, 17 April 2010 01:04

Well, Thursday, I drew a blank... Went to see Yamatoya-san's Tosai, but there was nothing here that inspired me this time. I will probably buy a few of his Tateshite though.

Tuesday 13th, and Wednesday 14th
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 23:39

Well, not much has happened the last two days. Tuesday was spent mainly at Momotaro, and then yesterday morning, Leo and John went home. I spent the rest of yesterday finally finishing off the latest Koi Nations magazine article... so if you are wondering why your latest copy has taken some time to arrive on your doorstep, it's most likely my fault. Sorry Michael, but hope it was worth the wait ;-)

Today, I will be off to Yamatoya, and things should start looking a whole lot more interesting from tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled...

Monday 12th, Momotaro Koi Farm
Monday, 12 April 2010 12:11

This afternoon, we arrived at Momotaro at around 3.30pm. Maeda-san was selecting through their Tategoi, and had told me previously that some would be available to purchase. Leo and John bought the only ones of interest to me though, so I didn't buy this time. They were very high class Koi though, and very much my kind of Koi!

Daisuke's Wife Hitomi has gone to hospital this evening, as she is about to give birth to their second child, so he won't be joining us for dinner. Good luck to them both this evening!!!

Monday 12th, Sakai Koi Farm
Monday, 12 April 2010 11:49

Today, we went to Sakai Koi Farm. Leo and John were keen to find some Koi. I too was looking for something, as although I have been taking 'high end' hobbyists there for quite some time now, I haven't to date brought and of their Koi back to Yume Koi, and figured it was about time I did!

Kentaro was great, as always! It was a very brief stop though, and I felt a little awkward having to decline an offer of taking us out to dinner... he has an amazing Korean BBQ restaurant near the farm!!!

After leaving Sakai, I had to briefly drop in on another breeder, before heading back to Momotaro Koi Farm...

Sunday 11th, Takigawa Koi Farm
Monday, 12 April 2010 02:00

Today, we drove from Okawa to Takigawa, which took some 5 hours of driving I was shattered when we got there, and driving an average of 500km each day is taking it's toll now. It's the same routine every day... driving, looking at Koi, dining with breeders, some sleep, then the same the following morning! It's going well though so far, and Leo & John are so far very happy.

Visiting Takigawa was really just so that they could see his Koi, and gain some insight into the bloodlines, etc. He showed us some of his high quality Koi, that he had hidden away. After that, we sat down so that I could introduce him to Leo and John, and explain to him what they are trying to do. After that, he took us out for dinner. Tomorrow promises to be an equally arduous day...

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