March 2009
Visit To Momotaro
Monday, 30 March 2009 15:02

I spent Monday at Momotaro, perusing some Bentley Tosai Kohaku that I bought in the Feb Auction, which are now growing huge! Also, I used the afternoon to study the Tosai that were going through yesterdays auction.

Meet Adam! Adam has been working at Momotaro since Summer 2006, and is a top guy! This pic was not a posed one... he was working socking fish out of the show pool in front of us during the auction.

Meet Adam!

I only bought a handful of Koi in the auction, but they were top class ones! A couple of pictures of some that I bought are below... simply fantastic!

Wakagoi Show
Friday, 27 March 2009 14:57

Today (27th) we arrived at the Wakagoi Show. This wonderful 62cm Sansai Yamatoya Kohaku is one we sold as Nisai, and is a hopeful contender at the show tomorrow. Please wish us luck! :-)

62cm Sansai Yamatoya Kohaku

This is a picture of the Kohaku taken with my compact camera on the Sunday, alas, she came runner up.

Yamatoya Kohaku

Odawara-san receiving a prize on behalf of one of his clients.

Odawara-san receiving a prize

Wonderful Ueno Showa
Thursday, 26 March 2009 14:44

On the following morning (26th), we headed off to Ueno, one of Japan's top three most famous breeders. It is a little known fact that we have bought and sold a handful of wonderful Showa from Ueno, including their Sansai 'Kashira' back in the Autumn of 2007.

Well, today turned out to be far more exciting than I imagined it would be!!! Whilst looking through a pond of Ueno's best Nisai, I spotted this! I could see she was good when I saw her in the pond. But, once in the bowl, I literally got an adrenaline rush! Anyway, I only took a few seconds to make up my mind on her! The pic on the right below, is how I envisage her looking in two or three years time. I hope you can see this too? ;-)

Ueno Showa

This Koi is going to the Wakagoi Show tomorrow, to be exhibited in the 'Dream Koi' exhibition. I would like buy her too, but this largely depends on the outcome of a few other potential sales.

Ueno Showa

Below are some random photos, the first one being one of Ueno's fish houses, the second being the man himself... Ueno-san. He doesn't speak a word of English, but luckily, he doesn't need to... a really nice guy! I have a hard time understanding his Father though.

Also pictured is a photo where Darren kinda caught us unawares...and so, we decided is was about time we had a proper photo taken together! ;-)

Okawa Kyushu Island
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 14:34

Next came the long 3 hour journey to Kyushu island, to visit Okawa (not to be confused with Ogawa). The pond pictured below is the pond where they keep all their 'precious' Koi.

Okawa Pond

The Kohaku on the left below is Okawa's Kashira from last Autumn. She is ours, but not sold yet. This outstanding Kohaku is Nisai and measures 58cm. She has become even more beautiful during the Winter months.

The middle pictured Kohaku is one we sold as Nisai. She is now Sansai and some 68cm! She is also of incredible quality!

Okawa's Kashira (Tosai - Pictured on the right) measures 43cm as Jumbo Tosai, and is going to the Wakagoi Show this coming weekend, to be exhibited in the 'Dream Koi' display. I have been beating myself up over whether to buy her or not? She is of incredible quality, and will most likely make 60cm as Nisai. But, I am not sure if the pattern would be a universally loved one?

That evening, Darren and myself went out with Yuji and Yoneichi Tanaka for dinner at a wonderful restaurant, which served up some very interesting dishes!

Meal with Okawa

Yamatoya Koi Farm
Tuesday, 24 March 2009 14:30

I purchased three Kohakus from Yamatoya this time, which were very reasonably priced. The one pictured below is the better of the three.

Yamatoya Kohaku

When we arrived at Yamatoya Koi Farm, there was little light left, so it wasn't long before we headed out to our favourite restaurant. After the restaurant, we then headed to the only bar in town, which was very quiet when we arrived. However, at around 10pm, Shiraishi-san's Sister's friend arrived with some of her freinds, of whom all were very intoxicated. Shiraishi-san was very embarrassed of their rather 'outgoing' behavoir... but it was hilarious for the rest of us!


Matsue Koi Farm Kohaku
Monday, 23 March 2009 14:24

Yesterday was spent at Matsue Koi Farm. There is more news to follow on this, but for now, I had to share this... I bought this Kohaku as Tosai of about 32cm last year. We sold her when Nisai and she is now 58cm as Nisai, but since coming up from the mudpond last Autumn, her condition has become incredibly beautiful! This Koi is simply incredible!

58cm Matsue Maurten Kohaku

I managed to buy these two Female Jumbo Tosai Kohakus from Matsue, that they were keeping as their Tategoi. They measure 36cm, and are very affordable. We hope to keep these Koi for growing at Yume Koi to Nisai, subject to our nominal growing fees.

Matsue Tosai Kohaku

Takigawa Tategoi Kujaku Selection
Saturday, 21 March 2009 14:18

Today has been a good day! Takigawa-san let me pick through his Tategoi Kujaku, and choose some wonderful Tosai! Here are three of the better ones, which can be seen on the 'Fish' pages.

Tosai Kujaku

Anyway who has seen our Sansai Takigawa Kujaku, that we have grown from around 56cm as Nisai, to 74cm as Sansai will understand just how good his Kujaku are, and how well they grow!

Once I'd finished looking through and selecting the Kujaku it was out for lunch with Takiagwa-san before heading off for Matsue.


Time To Go
Friday, 20 March 2009 14:12

It's Japan time again! This morning (Friday March 20th) I will be flying out to Japan, in search of Tosai!

As you can see, I'm now sitting here in the exec lounge in Schipol airport, and the weather is beautiful. Have to dash now, to board the flight to Osaka.

Schipol Airport