Monday 31st
Tuesday, 01 February 2011 00:31

On Sunday evening, I flew down to Okayama with Daisuke (Momotaro) and staff. I then had dinner and a wee drop of wine with Daisuke at his house, before going back to his Father's house to stay there the night.

Then, yesterday morning (Monday) I went down to the farm to photograph a very special Sansai that I bought there as Nisai. I have just sold the Koi, but she is now 71cm, and has a fantastic future ahead!

At present, Momotaro are just finishing the construction of a new fish house, containing 18 ponds. The new facility is superb, and will allow Momotaro to cope with the ever increasing number of customers Koi that people seem to wish to leave there to 'grow old' ;-) At Yume Koi, we are something of an exception to the trend, as we tend to bring most Koi back to the UK, no matter how special.

At around 11.30am, I hit the road and headed down to Omosako. This was intended to be more of a social visit, but I did find one superb Nisai there, and one cheaper one of surprisingly high quality.

Last night, I drove to downtown Hiroshima with Takahiro Omosako, as it was Yuuki-san's birthday, something that the three of us have celebrated every year. However, I woke up that morning feeling very poorly (chest infection) so took it very steadily with the drinking. As I type this, I am in theory getting ready to head off to Kyushu, to visit Okawa Koi Farm. This isn't intended as a 'buying' visit, but more of a social one. But, who knows?...