Autumn 2013
Omosako Nisai Harvest 20th November...
Saturday, 23 November 2013 09:16

I'm sure you've all seen harvest photos before. This was Omosako's very last Nisai harvest. There were about 150 Nisai pulled up from this harvest, and even three sweeps with the drag net wasn't enough to catch all of the fish. Some just kept escaping!...

19th November
Tuesday, 19 November 2013 13:39

Well, sorry for the lack of blog updates. This has been due to being chaos out here. I've now covered nearly 6000kms of driving so far, and each day, it's just leaving me exhausted. I'm trying to keep on top of emails, and uploading new fish to the site. It's difficult though.

Today, I attended the Momotaro auction. Sadly, I drew a blank on this one. After that, I drove to see Takigawa to tie up a few loose ends, and went out to dinner with him, before then driving down to Omosako. I arrived pretty late at the hotel this eve, and in the morning, will be attending one of the last Nisai harvests, as well as photographing customers Koi that have been left here.

I was due to be coming home tomorrow morning, but the schedule this time has proved pretty much impossible! As such, I have changed my flights, and will be coming home late on the evening of the 24th November (Sunday).

So far, it's been a great trip, and very fruitful. There won't be many more purchases over the remaining few days though...

As an aside... bumped into an elderly gent this evening in the restaurant this evening. He was a tad intoxicated, and very keen to talk! I usually find that when people are drunk, their Japanese is very hard to understand, but not this time. Anyway... He explained that when he was a young lad of 15 years old, he went fishing. His father however, was very angry when he found out that he had caught a very nice Sandan Kuchibeni Kohaku (presumably Nisai judging by his 'fisherman's tales' hand gestures). When I asked if he knew where he caught the fish, he explained that it was one of Sakai's mudponds!

Many thanks,


4th November...
Monday, 04 November 2013 02:19

Well, it's been an interesting weekend, having visited a special selling event at Omosako, and then the Hiroshima breeder's Koi Show on Sunday. Whilst I don't have a photo of the Grand Champion, I did take a photo of this beautiful Kohaku, which I felt was the best fish there...


Sadly, I have no idea why the above photo displays across the screen instead of vertically ;-)

Anyway, today, my first group of hobbyist's arrive, after which, the first stop will be Matsue. I will also be looking for more stocks to bring back to the UK.

Fingers crossed for a good day...

1st November, Matsue Nisai Harvest
Friday, 01 November 2013 14:18

Well, it's been an exciting but tiring day! Today, Matsue harvested another pond of Nisai. I managed to find 5 very nice specimens from this harvest, so am very very happy! However, I am exhausted, and off to bed now...

Tomorrow morning, I will be at a special event at Omosako Koi Farm. I'm sure it will be an exciting day!

The last few days, now 30th!
Wednesday, 30 October 2013 09:53

Well, the last few days have been chaos, and I have had very little in the way of internet access. But, as you will see, I have managed to find some superb Koi at Omosako, Okawa, and Ueno. Tomorrow morning will be spent at Takigawa Koi Farm, and then Matsue, as I have a number of customers Koi there that have now been harvested. Updates to follow, but the Koi should have progressed to the usual extremely high standard!

Also, I have been had people ask me to find Koi to suit those with lower budgets. In this regard, I feel to have been very lucky this time. If you look on our 'Fish' pages, you will find a number of very reasonably priced Koi from Okawa. Whilst I have tried to keep them extremely keenly priced, I feel that these Koi do actually have a decent future, and hence will give their prospective owners a lot of fun!...

Many thanks,


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