24th, back at Okawa, briefly...
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 02:22

We stayed at Okawa Koi Farm last night, and this morning have dropped by the farm so that I can take photos of a customers Koi, and also a very nice Nisai that I am contemplating buying. I can't put the photo of the Nisai up here, as it's bad practice to do such things when the Koi hasn't been purchased. But, the Koi below, is one I bought when Tosai back in Spring 2012. She was featured on Mark Gardner's DVD that he made of my April Tategoi hunting. I sold her shortly after, when still Tosai. She is now Nisai, and very beautiful!

This afternoon, we will drive up to Omosako. I have two Koi to be harvested there in the morning, so it promises to be an exciting day... The rest of today though, will be driving! ;-)